Loth's HS Grad picture tight

Dear Hidden Hearts Directors and Donors,
It has been 5 years since my life changed when I met the founders of the organization.
Everything about me had changed from there. My dreams were once again on target.Through your support I have seen myself grow as a young adult and matured young man. I have gained a lot of experience through traveling to South Africa to the African Leadership Academy and then to the Bahamas to the Island school. All these programs have made me a better person. Not everyone is lucky to get such chances. I am the luckiest kid and there is nothing that I can ever so to repay your generosity for getting me the best education at the best International schools in Tanzania .This has helped me understand the world itself and how I can use the knowledge to help my community.
Through your support, other youth in my village and even in school have learned a lot from my life experience. I have been a role model to them. I gave hope to those who almost gave up.

I have just graduated from high school and have come back from Cape Town where I attended Super Yachting Industry Classes. It is hard to believe that a Maasai boy from a desert and a poor family who survived with one or luckily two meals a day could do such courses. Now that I have finished the courses, I have been in contact with recruitment agencies in France and USA. Without you, I wouldn't have been able to encourage other young boys and girls to even dream of doing those courses. I am now able to influence other people that everything is possible.

I still believe that you will remain my guardian as I embark on this new step in my career. Your presence will definitely guide me .

I am writing this to say thank you for everything. I am now trying to come to the states where I am hoping to start working on the yachts.
I hope that, I will be back home every six months during holiday. It is my dream to also start making a different in my village. Thank you, Loth Oltukai